A quick guide to the various goodies that we will be bringing to your screens in the near future


Title – The Brinkmen Podcast

Status – Post Production on ep1.

Continuing the Brinkmen’s adventures in normal life.  A six ep season of audio adventures.


Completed projects

Title – Improvathon (working Title)

Status – Edit and post production

Description – A short documentary for festivals on the 2011 Liverpool Improvathon

With no script, no sleep and no safety net, these performers pull laughs out of thin air for 33 and a half hours.  Based around the 2011 Liverpool Improvathon: Dearly Beloved, we will explore the motivations, methods and possibly even madness behind this compelling and increasingly popular entertainment form.



Title – Chauffervision

Status – Completed

Description – Improvised spoof interview series

Terry McManaman has had a colourful life A former SAS commando and now international bestselling author.  As we drive him around on his errands for a week he will discuss his varied and often surreal career, who knows what details might come tumbling out.  Find out with us on Chauffervision.

Watch it here: Day 1 – http://vimeo.com/27791795  and Day 2 – http://vimeo.com/27982393

Title – The Brinkmen

Status – Completed

Description – a 15 minute comedy film

When the world is on the brink of disaster, Britain calls up it’s elite team of agents – The Brinkmen.  They are highly trained, deadly, and completely incapable of dealing with everyday life.  Together they find themselves fighting their greatest threat: boredom!

Fancy a peek?  here you go… http://vimeo.com/13864120




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