Work for hire

The lovely chaps at Facsimile Productions, who I worked with on the Dr Faustus video, have a rather interesting play coming up as part of the London Horror Theatre Festival.

I spent an evening stomping around the woods with them last week to produce this trailer:

If it’s piqued your interest then it’s on at the Courtyard Theatre from the 8th to the 20th of November.

From what I’ve seen, it’s well worth a look.

More info here:



Hey, look at this!  Remember that Music Video I did for Bleak a few months ago? (scroll down if you dont…).  Well it’s been picked up by the NME’s website. Not bad for something shot in an hour with no prep and edited over two evenings.  We must have done something right…  Heres the link if you fancy rewarding their excellent taste with page-hits (

In related news. Andrew Hobbs, who produced the Bleak video, asked me to help on his current project.  He was directing a production of Dr Faustus at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington (running between the 27th of September to the 2nd of October.  Tickets available here: and needed a 5 minute video to go before the second act.

If you’re not familiar with it, Dr Faustus is about a proud intellectual who sells his soul to the devil in return for power and wisdom.  He then spends his days exercising that power, often in the service of debauchery and vice.  The video shows him out on the tiles with the devils (including Anton Sh from Bleak, perfectly cast as Lucifer) night after night until finally he grows tired and bored and desperate for one last thrill.  So if you’re thinking of going and would like a teaser of the production, or if you’d just like to see a short film about a man out of his depth in sin, take a look here:

So this one was a bit of a challenge.  Why?  Well it was so short notice I hadnt even heard the track before I turned up on set.  Then I only had a couple of evenings to get it ready to be played on a big screen at Bleak’s album launch.

Fortunately the actual chaps and chapessess in Bleak are all great fun so even though I ended up with less than an hour to shoot it, we had a fine old time.  Also fortunate was that Andrew Hobbs who produced it and directed it with me had everything sorted for me when I got there and kept things ticking over nicely while we shot.

So please take a look and like it and share it and whatever else it to your hearts content.

And if you have a band and want a music video please get in touch.  If I can do this with an hour shooting imagine what I can do with 2 hours!

If you like what you hear –  heres where you can find more Bleak goodies:

Whats that?  How many months since I last posted?  Are those cobwebs?

Well its not because I’ve been idle. 2 short scripts written, editing for Chauffervision almost complete and a short-notice music video for Bleak (!/BleakBlues) last week (keep your eyes peeled for more info on that one).

The coming months are likely to be just as busy too.  The launch of the Chauffervision pilot in the next few weeks then Ill be heading up to Liverpool to help record this year’s improvathon: Dearly Beloved (!/event.php?eid=168143086576681  ).  I helped record the performance last year and was struck by how much of a unique, surreal event it was.  This year I will be putting together a documentary about the event and the brave, unhinged people who take part.  Hopefully it’ll be something we can use to get some extra attention for the talented folks at Impropriety and raise awareness of these events.  Ill post more details when I have them.

So there’s your update but as a final treat for being so patient:

Arrows of Love have finally got around to releasing the music video I helped film for Opiate films before Christmas.  Do check it out its really rather good and has apparently already gathered airplay on 6music.

A few pictures from the last year or so of me working on various projects

Directing the scenes in Laura’s house From the Brinkmen (August 2009)

Observing rehearsals for the Fight Scene in the Brinkmen at Wolstenholme Square in Liverpool (August 2009).  Moments later it had to be moved in-doors due to heavy rain.  A shame as it’s an amazing location.

Lining up the final shot for the Brinkmen (August 2009)

Interviewing one of the Directors of the Liverpool Improvathon for a Documentary by Opiate for the People Films (April 2010)

Crewing for Backyard Productions on their short – Sugarcubes (June 2008)